How do you teach someone to be popular?

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I wouldn't try. But I would try to help someone become happy with the unique person they are. As a bonus, I think people who are cheerful and self-assured naturally attract more friends.

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Money does help. The popular kids in school did have money.

I mostly mean for young kids...after awhile being popular ceases to be necessary.

I wouldn't try. Trying to be popular usually involves joining a clique. Being popular often results in you doing something for attention you might later regret.
I'd just teach a child to be themselves, try not to do something stupid, be respectful of others and do their best at what they try. Lets face it. After HS, none of it matters. Many of the popular guys are working at a local hardware store. Many of the popular girls are married to the guys working at the hardware store and have 3 kids by the time they are 23.
It's better to be remembered as the nice, quite one, than the asshole.
If you are popular by just being yourself, that's great. Just don't try to be popular for what you aren't.

That would be a waste of time. Teach them the value of friendship and see how things develop.

Screaming, spanking and sodomizing.

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That might be a key.

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