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Karmann Ghia

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My 2nd car back in 1975. Wish I still had it. (This isn't mine. LOL)

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I've wanted a '66 Chevelle since high school.

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Besides the looks, which I like, there are some practical reasons why the Chevelle is desirable. For one, it has a frame, whereas a lot of muscle cars from the 60s had unibody construction. Novas, Camaros, Mustangs, all unibody. Unibody is lighter compared to a frame, but it's easier to strengthen a frame compared to a unibody, a frame also helps isolate you from road noise.

The Chevelle came with a variety of engines from a little straight 6 all the way up to a big block V8. So you can have a very mild and relatively economical car if that's what you want, but if you want horsepower, the sky's the limit.

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@Maze I've wanted a '66 Chevelle since high school. Besides the...

The Chevelle was one of those "cars of choice" by kids back in the late 60's early 70's to beef up and race, "just outside of town". I know the one in my small town kicked my 68 Camaro's ass one Saturday night.