What if we could see each other's thoughts?

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The world would end faster than we could say amirite :)

OzSurfers avatar OzSurfer Comment +9Reply

I have enough trouble listening to what people are saying. Can you imagine the distraction of being able to see the other person's thoughts as they spoke? Belly up to the firehouse.

I can see Tiff's thoughts. She's horny again.

I would love to have that ability as I hate when people lie to me, but I truly think that would be catastrophic. There's a reason we as humans lie so much. The reality of things is not nice, at all.

Sofias avatar Sofia Comment +6Reply

lol Not a good thing.

One of my greatest paranoia when I was younger was that everyone could read my mind. This went on for some time, the resolution I reached eventually was perhaps one of the greatest lessons I have learned thus far, here at least.

I'd like it. Lying wouldn't be possible. Trickery such as date rape drugs etc wouldn't either.

Trishs avatar Trish Comment +3Reply

It would be a world of very embarrasssing and embarrassed people, with no room for individual privacy.

HELLO Masha!

Sometimes I can feel someone else's thoughts...which is like seeing them.

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