Can estrogen trigger anxiety?

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Yes, very much so. It is a stimulating hormone, and it can put some women on edge.

Probably. When anyone has too much of a hormone going on, it can cause many emotions, including stress.

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Estrogen levels can fluctuate between 25 pg/ml and 40000 pg/ml depending on the situation. There are no unnatural amounts of estrogen.

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I understood what you meant, asshle , I was just trying to annoy you. Nobody cares about your opinion, fckhead .

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You are so childish. Honestly, why do you even care how other people live their life? Other people's identity shouldn't even bother you if you are happy with yourself.

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It's your comments about calling trans people freaks that bothered me. You could have stayed respectful. I don't care that you disapprove of how I live my life and about my identity. But it wasn't relevant to the question. Anyway, I don't want to put time in endless arguments. I just don't appreciate how you spew your disguest about trans people out of the blue. We are still human beings. You could have shown a tiny bit of respect.

Yes...even a small amt of estrogen can have really bad side effects. This is why some ppl react badly to the BC pill...even tho they say it's just a small can still effect you. PM me if you want to talk.

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