It's scary that doctor's offices are called "a practice", amirite?

They're practicing on you... do they know what they're doing? XP

Image for post It's scary that doctor's offices are called "a practice", amirite?
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My doctor told me a joke, as I was about to pass out, before the surgery...

"I hope I don't operate on the wrong shoulder, since I'm drunk." And then he grinned. At least I hope he was joking...

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We've gone a long way since making holes in the skull so bad spirits leave it trough there. Or lobotomy, which involves putting a metal spike over the eye and hitting that spike with a hammer and then scrambling the brain so you sever the connection with the frontal lobe.

Absolutely. I guess it's better than being called a "butcher shop".

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That is all they do practice on you. I was very sick in the hospital a lot , the student doctors all practiced on listening to my heart I hated that - Now I don't allow student doctors to look at me.

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And like some doctors, some lawyers certainly need the practice. biggrin smilie

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Yep, others like the Clintons. biggrin smilie

Not if you have Ed Norton for a doctor. See 21:34. biggrin smilie
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