Right before hurricane Harvey hit, Trump eliminated a flood management standard. It was made as a result of Hurricane Sandy, and was designed to protect cities from so much flooding. Maybe next time Trump will think twice before screwing over people to please his sheep. Amirite?

Right Before Harvey, Trump Nixed a Rule Designed to Protect Cities From Flood RisksStreamlining infrastructure, until the next flood.http://www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox/2017/08/28/right_before_harvey_trump_nixed_a_rule_designed_to_protect_cities_from_flood.html
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Lets look at the truth for a minute. Could anyone on this planet, have stopped or prevented hurricane Harvey and the damage it is causing?
If anyone says yes, they also believe in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.
It's almost comical what some on the left will blame on Trump. It's sad that there are people who buy into it, when they know it's ludicrous.

He also cuts funds to FEMA so he could build his wall.

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The man never stops trying to make money for himself. Hats for $40, and people still believe he cares for Americans.

if those policies had stayed in effect they would have cost the people of Texas 3 to 5 time the money and some of them would have lost their property all together because they would not have let them rebuild at all.

One component of that Aug. 15 order? Eliminating an Obama-era rule called the federal flood risk management standard that asked agencies to account for climate change projections when they approved projects.

Why would Trump want to base a policy on climate change myth?
We know why Obama wanted to - the climate change myth is designed to destroy the economy, crush the private sector, and allow the elite government grow in power.

Why did McLie not mention any of that?

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And if he had toured the flooded areas on Tuesday, causing a major interruption in the search and rescue efforts, you'd be attacking him for that. Face it - no matter what Trump does, it's wrong in your eyes!

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