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It really depends. There's some places I won't give a single thing.

For example, it happened before the church close to my house got this charity up where you could give food, clothes, books, and toys to give to less fortunate families at Christmas. And some of the "ladies" dealing with receiving the stuff were taking the best for themselves behind the back of the people running the charity. And no, they weren't part of the less fortunate.

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Some people have no shame no smilie

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Too many charities are a money making scam. Others can be great. The St Jude hospital for Children is one of the great ones.

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You are very correct Linn.

You cannot use a generalization like that for ANYTHING. Are there some charities/nonprofits which scam money? 100% there are. Are there charities/nonprofits which give back maximum effort, input, etc and truly want to help? 100%.

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Hope not, nothing worse than to abuse people's kindness.

Some charities are, but the well known ones I wouldn't call a scam but often a significant percentage of the money donated goes into administration. I prefer to give money to local fundraisers where I know all the money is going to a local community cause, such as helping some kids who lost their parents in a car accident etc.

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I think a lot of charities spend too much money on administration and the like. I don't like giving money to charities but I will work for them to help for free.

Some people actually care about other people, so obviously not everything in this world is a huge scam, including charities. Some are. Some of them even get away for it for a long time. I think Greenpeace is a scam. I even have evidence to support my claim, but there's no bloody way I'm trying to fry them for it. It's just not my business, since I'm not in law enforcement.

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If you wanna help someone do it yourself

Some are, i try to stay with local charities or someone i've researched and can trust..

I won't donate to Red Cross, i'd rather donate to a professional football player that has started a fund raiser...i trust that 100% more..

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