Do you ever talk to yourself in the third person? She stood, stunned...not fully understanding the implication of these new developments in her life.

Try's a blast...and it makes you feel like you are writing a book...

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I have a friend online and sometimes do it to each other just for fun... it seems to work but I can't imagine ever doing it anywhere else without it sounding crazy

"Marko tries to get up, but he has a jammed nerve in his left leg, somewhere near the end of Gluteus Maximus. He thinks hard, he has to pee. 'Damn leg!' he mumbles to himself, as he walks like a penguin to the bathroom. There he finally has a leak. It's not a WikiLeak, he thinks to himself. Mumbling continues. Then he finally gets back on his computer to find out, that Canadians have taken over the world. But... This is my world. Mine, he thinks out loud. Mumbling continues."

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