The truth Trump supporters are trying to distract you from.

Image for post The truth Trump supporters are trying to distract you from.
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Every president took golf trips, Obama included.

Trump however spends obscenely more.

Cue Budwick yada yada to step in to reiterate the first sentence while compeltely ignoring the second, more important part.

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Like usual, Mcfly copys and pastes numbers a that someone just made up.
The majority of Meals on Wheels programs get most of their federal funding through the Administration for Community Living, an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services that serves the elderly and disabled. That agency has a $227 million line-item for "home-delivered nutrition services."

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I know, it's shit right?

Damn Trump taking food out of seniors to fund his $3 million golfing!

Well let’s see the government gave a $5 million grant to brown university to find out that sororities like to party. $3.4 million to northeastern university to have hamster cage matches in which they gave the hamsters steroid.$3 million to the national science foundation to find out that the music from Jaws makes people think negatively about sharks. 21.8 million To subsidize the cheese industry. This just a micro sample I could go on and on about all the money that our elected officials waste. You complain about the President taking the weekend off to play a little golf. I am sure you do not work 7 days a week. Seem to me that you don’t like President Trump just saying.

So, is your bitch about Trump working away from the White House or alleged cuts to Meals On Wheels?

Cuz, the Meals on Wheels thing is a doozy! A perfect example of bloated bureaucracy. I mean nobody knows for sure how much the federal government gives them. Even Meals On Wheels doesn't really know how much they get.

But, at the end of the day, "When the final 2017 spending bill passed in early May, however, an extra $3 million was added to the program during one of the late-night dealmaking sessions. That extra $3 million, the official said, was not added back into the budget proposal. "

So, at least half of your bitch is moot.

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