Vocab survey # 4 :How often do you use the word Cellar?

Image for post Vocab survey # 4 :How often do you use the word //Cellar//?
10% Never 70% Seldom 10% When necessary 10% Often 0% Other
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Not too often.

Only, when it comes to the true-true. I'm living right beneath you, remember?

@VicZinc In this part of the city we say 'basement'

So, you have been spying on my posts, after all. Great work, uncle. ;o)

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I am a bit of a cheese aficionado. So I occasionally say cheese cellar, as most cheeses are no longer cave ripened but cellar ripened.

Only when talking about a wine cellar. We use basement if there is no wine in it. :) PS: Is that cheese all over that woman's boobs?

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