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It's disgusting and proves that Trump doesn't care about the American people, but only himself. And now because of all his trips and his family's vacations, etc. the Secret Service has run out of some of those dedicated men won't get paid.

And there are some, probably on this post, who still support Trump.... well I certainly don't. But his time is running out.....tick tock, tick tock.

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Seven million dollars would go a long way in paying for the Secret Service who are out of money and won't be getting paid. Tell the hungry kids that Trump spent 7Million on himself to have a good time, while they are going hungry.

And the comment about him making America safe is rubbish. He hasn't done one thing to make us safe, in fact, he's made us more vulnerable. Has he stopped North Korea, hell no.

I feel that is very wrong. He can afford his own travel costs.

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