Have you ever read a book that is worse than the movie?

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Actually... I bet, if they gave me a chance to write a Doctor Who novel, it would completely suck ass, when compared to the series itself. But that doesn't answer your question. This is a tricky question, to be honest. Ender's game is a bloody good book... Oh, James S.A. Corey. There we are.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Corey, which is actually a pseudonym used by two novelists. I know this question was about a movie and not a series, but in this case I believe we can stretch the rules a bit. The Expanse is absolutely a gorgeous series, the books it's based on are a bit... Well... I find them confusing, from time to time. Might be the lack of intelligence from my part or some other factor, that I cannot completely describe in full detail, but the series is absolutely clear, logical, goes from one point to another. Perhaps a more refined version of the books, now that time has passed.

Not movie, but series. The Netflix adaptation of 13 Reasons Why was far, far superior. The characters in the book were all petty, superficial, selfish, and unlikable. They lacked depth, development, and purpose. Even the lead characters. The writing, development, character arc, and plot were vastly improved in the Netflix series.

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