Do you think math can be fun?

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Numerology is a rather old-fashioned way to entertain yourself.

For example, I'm number four. That means self-restraining, which I obviously seem to be completely unable to do. How did I come to this number? Well... The formula is simple. You take your birthday, in my case it's second of June, 1976. That gives me 2,6,1,9,7 and 6 to play with. So, 2+6+1+9+7+6 equals 31 and 3+1 is 4. The meanings of the numbers are a bit vague at best, but they seem to apply. It's a bit like Feng Shui, but only with numbers.

Fibonacci sequence is another example, as well as the prime numbers. I use them both, when I play either lottery or other number based games. Well, I also use the winning numbers from Lost, but that's just weird.

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Used to teach maths in Primary School.Done properly it can be fun.The answers ten (any number will do) always went down well and tested a variety of skills as the kids tried to outdo other.Now is 5+5 the same sum if you swap the numbers around?

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