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What I'd like to do and what I end up doing are two different things.. but for now...

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I just wish i was good enough to surf waves like that one :)

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Exactly! It's why I gave up competition running years ago, I want to keep my knees so I can do it for fun

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You're right, the hardest thing I find about surfing now is that I can't take a long break then suddenly get back into it again. It'll get to the point where I'll either have to be doing it every day or get a boogie board hehe smilie

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Yeah, I have moments like that for sure! I remember when nothing like the lack of sleep or head cold would stop me, but now I have to be feeling at my best or it's not happening eek smilie :)

I try to do nothing but it never works out that way..

Killing peasants.

Whatever needs to be done..... or nothing at all. Today I'm going to the beauty salon for a haircut.

Nothing. I hate Saturdays.

Bike riding, hiking, playing video games