I kinda just wanna die yo.

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Why would you want to die? What has happened?

When things get dire we beg for an escape, this is cowardice. It's easy to just drop everything and let it go and what do you win? Some peace? Think about what you lose, you lose everything you could ever be in life.

Before doing anything rash think about this:
A man's ejaculation releases up to 300, 000, 000 sperm cells, that's 300,000,000 brothers or sisters that could have taken your place but YOU were the one who got to be born out of all of them.

You might feel a bit different as you are dying.

Eli...is that you?

Nothing is worth taking your own life over.

Wanting to die is completely normal, I think. Acting on it is selfish, but maybe that's normal too

Being alive isn't a lot of fun, in fact from what I have learned, life being fun in modern society is based on love and money. If you have both you're gonna really enjoy yourself, if you have one or the other you are going to struggle at times but you'll be ok, and if you have neither your going to wake up each morning wondering what's the point. Still, there's always hope that you'll get one or the other so hang in there.

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