Anti-Trump Man Has a Change of Heart After Going to Trump Rally Looking For Fights, But Finds Peace Instead

'Tiny': I used to be one of these people, well, not antifa, but I used to be anti-Trump, hardcore anti-Trump. And if I was still the old me, I'd beat up all these people, 'cause that's what I used to do. I'd drive around when Trump was... when he announced that he was running for president, I drove around looking for Trump supporters. You got a Trump sticker on you, I'd be waiting at your car, once you got there I'd beat your ass up if you talk back to me when I talk shit to you. That's what I used to be. ["what made you switch sides?"] I saw on the media, every single news, the announced 'Trump is a racist', they told this. They brought, like, cut out most of the speech that Trump did and brought only some of it, just to make people think he was racist, I really believed that... I really believed that. So I was filled with anger. So I came across [something] on Facebook that says "Trump rally in Vancouver Washington" I'm like, I live there, let's go check it out if Trump supporter gets beat up. It was the opposite, I saw this guy right here [gestures to a black guy] and what he was speaking about, the peace, the unity, it hit me right in the dome. So I had an urge and a desire to go out and seek the truth. Are they really racist? So I hit him up, he hooked me up with a few people, I came here, Berkeley, the 15th, April. That's where I saw the truth. The first time I saw a brown Trump supporter, Marco Gutierrez, Harim, I knew right there they weren't racists. Nobody came up to me and was like "hey get out of here, you're brown, you're not accepted here" NOBODY. They welcomed me with open hands, and it changed my heart. And it hurts me that standing up for what you believe in will get you crucified, will get you [persecuted]. So when did our country get to this? And I'm telling you we will not back down, we will keep on standing. ["What did you see on April 15th, who was attacking who?"] I didn't even throw a punch at the beginning when I was observing everything. Next thing you know, a group that everyone's saying is antifa, I didn't know who antifa was, march in looking like ninjas from the movie, whatever movie, like ISIS. The stupidity that I saw there, coming in and just charging at people and just beating them up without even talking to them or understanding what they believe in, that changed my heart, I didn't want my kids to grow up in an environment run by those people. That is why I'm standing where I'm standing. [applause] And I will say this, I will not change what I believe in, I will keep on standing, I will keep on moving forward, red white and blue waving high, God bless America. [cheers]

Anti-Trump Man Has a Change of Heart After Going to Trump Rally Looking For Fights, But Finds PeaceFormer Anti-Trump Man from from American Samoa Speaks on his Experience being angry at Trump and Trump Supporters to finding the Truth and Unity only Patriot...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik_IJ2TARo8
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Happens to a lot of people..
Like i always say...i go by reality, not reality tv..

Too many people let Lame Stream Media, tell them what to think..

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