How do you think you'll celebrate your 100th birthday?

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I hope I'm still mobile and on my own, and the kids will celebrate with me the way we always do. lol But in reality no one in my family has ever made it to 100.

I celebrate birthdays now on my own, so at 100 i don't see it being any different. With any luck I will have checked out long before then.

I will buy a lot of beautiful clothes on cutewe

Probably wrestle a bear, take on a street gang, chop a couple of piles of wood with an axe.
Eat some birthday cake....
Take a nap, wash my car, go have a steak dinner...
Hike to the top of a mountain....hand glide down, swim a few laps in the pool, Play some flag football and have another piece of cake....with ice cream.

I'm just kidding...

I wouldn't have time for a nap..

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