You ever make someone your bitch?

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Lol no, dom/sub sexual role play has never gone that far with me

@ChokeMeDaddy I wasn't necessarily mean sexually

Oh.. ok ... well definitely not in that case.

@OzSurfer Oh.. ok ... well definitely not in that case.

Such a cute little man =P maybe your the one being made someones bitch

@ChokeMeDaddy Yet again not necessarily a sexual thing

But wouldn't i need to actually interact with someone in some way for that to happen?

@ChokeMeDaddy Yeah do you live in a cave eating rats?

I'm about as popular... I'm a single guy living in a town that is full of couples and families. I've met one single person in 4 years and she was so popular, you had to take a number and form a queue just to say hi

@ChokeMeDaddy You got a job right

Yes I work in an office in a team of about 80 others.

@ChokeMeDaddy Sounds like prime bitch making territory to me

Lol well the majority of people there are women but all either married or a few single mothers that have no interest at all in another relationship or even hook ups.

@ChokeMeDaddy Don't be a sheep shrugs

I don't see that I'm following the crowd at work. If i was, I'd be married with babies like them all.

@ChokeMeDaddy You say that like it's a bad thing

It is if you follow the crowd and rush into it. Nothing worse than in unhappy relationship, I see plenty of those all because they rushed into it because all their friends were

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