Could you spend $53 million in 6 months?

Mark showcased by American Greed raiding his trust fund... I imagine it was fun for 6 months...until it came crashing down...

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I would like to see that.

Otherwise it would be a helluva great 6 months.

You could buy shares, that'd take a few seconds, but if you don't mean investments but entertainment, then a night out at the Casino should do it.

@Sukiesnow What if? You kept winning...

That's possible too.. the casino would then give you hotel rooms and all kinds of incentives to keep you gambling until you lost it all.

Six minutes, if played on the stock market, easy.

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Easily. One large enough mansion costs more. Now WOULD I spend it I 6 months if I had it? No way.

I could.i wouldn't- think of all that lovely interest.

Spending money is the easiest thing in the world, the trick would be to make it increase

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Some criminal on a TV show called American Greed did...until he got caught...

Yes. Wouldn't even take that long.

Easily....if that was my goal.

Otherwise i could easily make it last until the end of time..

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