Would you mind if your partner went to parties with strippers?

Image for post **Would you mind if your partner went to parties with strippers?**
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You're not possessive at all, are you? Not even a little?

I just take my partner with me. 乂º◡^乂

For a special ocassion I wouldn't give it a thought. If this became a usual occurance I would have to ask what was going on.

Who would I be to stop them? Have at it!

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You still love your ex?

As long as nothing actually happened, I suppose.

No I would not because I myself being someone that is worked in the industry as security and aspect kinda know what's going on with it and besides you can't trust your partner to go out into the in the sitting like that then was the trust in a relationship at all there is none is Doom from the beginning

Thank you Suki snow appreciate it but every bit of it was the truth I mean if you can't trust them beyond their own the what's the point in pursuing a relationship to single that far and you put them into a situation like that that's when you find out who has boundaries and who doesn't and which relationship boundaries are so like I said before you can on both sides of the Velvet Rope I've seen the thing or two and I've seen the reaction so but what I know is that have enough trust me girl that was ever mean her joint decision was and we both had the agreement that neither one of us will break it that's on my word and my bond like scarface's also got in this world is my word and my balls and I ain't break them for nobody mame!!

I'd be single

@Jaxxi I'd be single

Even better. You could help with the entertainment...:)

You're not on here much; so we get to pick on you when you are here...:)

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