Do you inadvertantly send rude emails/messages?

Not being able to see a person's facial expressions or the tone in their voice makes it easy to misinterpret their messages pretty easily. I see a lot of this or here and many times it turns into fights and hurt feelings. If we are only communicating by the written/typed word we need to take care of the way we say things if we want our communications to be received as we intend. People are going to argue on occasion, but there is no sense in arguing over miscommunication. As always, JMHO :)

BBC - Capital - How to avoid writing irritating emailsAfter a conversation about subtly snarky emails went viral on twitter, it might be worth asking yourself: are you being accidentally rude? for post Do you inadvertantly send rude emails/messages?
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Not often, but I have been misinterpreted a time or two along the way.

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That's true. It works both ways. :)

Some people never know when I'm being serious or just joking around.... and I try not to hurt anyone's feelings, but without seeing one's face, things do get taken out of context.

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I agree, some people have NO sense of humor whatsoever. lol

Never inadvertently...:)

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It does seem like some social skills are lacking on the internet. If people treated each other like that in real life, I believe there would be a lot more violence.

Subject: "Congratulations, you are a fucking dick."

Only to my boss... I keep all the nice ones for people on here :)

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