Do you realise how ridiculous you all look when you look at a baby and say. "WOW! That baby is huge! Look at how big that baby is!" ? It's absolutely ridiculous. Babies are not huge; do you really think that babies are huge?


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I've never said that.. I have said: goo goo ga ga...who's a widdow ugo woogu? Come to me my poopie poop...

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People say "Wow, look at that gigantic baby!" no matter how tiny. It's just something that people say for no apparent reason.

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Ha! Even the biggest one is small in relation to things that actually are big. I'd venture to say that nobody has to use 2 hands to pee.

WOW! That fucking baby is gigantic!

Their heads are pretty big relative to their bodies.

Elephant babies are pretty massive, as well as the cuddly little whales.

@JerryHendrickson I'm sure you understand that I'm referring to homo-sapiens.

Oh, those babies are fucking huge, when compared to eggs (chicken).

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