Do you compliment strangers liberally? It just might be easier for a woman to that right?

Based on the fact that people LOVE compliments...I take the chance and compliment ppl every chance I get... OMG...So LOVE your outfit! Now, did it take you all night to assemble it? ....or was it something you threw together at the last minute? I compliment on ANYthing I really love...and people generally blush but love it... I'm sure they go home and tell people later.... And don't forget to compliment your relatives...who generally go unnoticed...because. They still love compliments, too...

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Especially if you get overbearing about it and pick more than one thing: and that fragrance! What is that? Wait a sec I'm writing it down...

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It's a learned practise...and once you start complimenting you can go on...innocently... It's always nice to do something feel-good, amirite?

Complimenting strangers usually makes people think you're a creep or a rapist or something. Women can compliment strangers, but guys get labelled as creeps.

I compliment liberal strangers liberally and conservative strangers conservatively. Sorry couldn't resist :)

Seriously, I do try to compliment people when the opportunity presents itself, otherwise getting the timing wrong or the level of compliment wrong and you risk sounding like a creep as thedude said. A while back I'd just come from an art festival where people were modelling body art and tattoo's etc. I later went for dinner and the waitress had an amazing arm tattoo, and I complimented her on that, and she looked at me like I was a weirdo. So I'm complimentary cautious these days. By the way, you're avatar is looking nice today Sukie :)

Not much at all to strangers. I'm better at it with people I know. :)

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