In order to make money...you need to go to school.

Image for post **In order to make money...you need to go to school.**
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Bank heists are usually pretty low-level stuff, when applicants are asked for their educational credentials.

@Sukiesnow What level of education is required to be a bank heister?

Either PhD in bank robbery or working six weeks as a janitor should both suffice.

No. I reckon I would have made more money not going to Uni and not teaching as a career.Though I have no idea what that might have been.

And pay money to for better school so you can make better money

I went to the Academy for LSD Sales and now only sky is the limit.

That's usually true though it's not always necessary.

You need to work in a mint to make money. Anyone with a skill ot product that is sought by others can earn money.

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In order to go to a good school....you need money

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