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I'm with you on one thing. The nighttime sky can be awe inspiring.

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Just because we disagree doesn't mean I'm wrong.

I have some problems with your argument.

First of all your use of the word "infinity". We do not know if the universe is infinite. The truth is we probably won't know in our life time due to the sheer size of the expanding universe and the limitations of our current technology. As of right now we know the visible universe is about 93 billion light years across. That means light leaving from anything beyond that edge will never reach us. Saying "infinity" sounds grand and awe inspiring but for now it's an abstract concept.

Secondly, science can not prove or disprove the existence of God, nor does seek to do so. However, science can prove how something like a moon or a star is created because we can observe them being created right now. (Google "The Pillars of Creation.) So if one argues that only God could create a star science can be used to disprove that assertion. The problem is you are using an old and flawed argument wherein anything beyond our comprehension is attributable to the supernatural. i.e. God. Humans have been doing this for eons. Every culture has a story of creation.

Thirdly, while I agree that looking up at the stars or watching a full moon rise is a beautiful sight to behold, it is not the full picture. You are ignoring the reality of the universe. There is also lethal radiation, supernovas, gamma ray bursts, solar mass ejections, etc...any of which could kill all life on Earth. (Not to mention destroying the entire planet.) If you believe that the beauty of the universe was God's creation then the same must be true for the destructive and deadly forces as well.

One last thing if I may? As an atheist I can tell you first hand that a lack of belief in God in no way diminishes the wonder and beauty of nature. A rainbow is just as beautiful whether God made it or it's a naturally occurring phenomenon caused by sunlight passing through water vapor in the air. So that is something we can all agree on.

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@Chris_the_Demon I have some problems with your argument. First of all your use of the word "infinity". We do not know if the...

Chris, I got to hand it to you - you have written one of the most respectful atheist comments I've ever read. I disagree with nearly every word, just as you disagree with the belief in God point of view. But, nobody got hurt along the way. And, that's cool!

PS - Kind of cool that all that lethal radiation, supernovas, gamma ray bursts, solar mass ejections doesn't fry us like calamari don't you think? I mean, we're pretty snug, right in the 'Goldilocks Zone'. It's almost like some one planned it that way! biggrin smilie

@Chris_the_Demon I have some problems with your argument. First of all your use of the word "infinity". We do not know if the...

Just read your first paragraph so far. It is infinity, infinity does exist because if it is not, what is it? Even if we can only measure so much, what else is there? The only logical definition is that there must be more, thus infinity.

@TheTorrent Just read your first paragraph so far. It is infinity, infinity does exist because if it is not, what is it? Even...

Again, I have to disagree.

No one knows what's beyond the observable universe because we can't see it or measure it. However, based on the theory of cosmic inflation, scientists have calculated that the universe should be about 1023 times bigger than what we can currently see. So yes, there is more out there. And perhaps there's more even beyond that extra 1023. And more beyond that. And more and more and more...Infinity.

But maybe there's not. Maybe there's an "edge", and our universe is finite.

Or maybe we are one of countless universes. Or maybe there are other dimensions which we can not sense. Or maybe God created everything. Or maybe we are all plugged into the Matrix and our reality is just a computer program.

The point is no one knows.

"Infinity" has a definition. It means endless, boundless, limitless, never ending time and space. But we don't know if that's true, do we?

For now, "we don't know" will have to do.

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I totally agree!

Whenever this question comes up, I am always reminded of Thomas in the Bible who would not believe that Jesus was alive until he could touch Him.

As you suggest - Take a good look around. When most people look at the world around them, they see only the trees; they do not see the forest that is there. It should be obvious that God exists because of His creation, not only us humans, but the world we live in, the galaxy that world is in, and the universe that the galaxy is in.

Our universe contains too much order for our existence to have been created out of chaos. We are complex beyond our imaginations and when you look at such a complexity, you see God and His creation.

Thank you for this terrific reminder Jerry! It's great to see a positive, uplifting post.

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That, my friend, is a very closed up stubborn way to look at the world. Just not care. I hope I don’t grow up to become like you.

True, it's all just too big of a coencidence. Like the fact that we are in the habitable zone...

Absolutely! God put a lot of thought into the things we take for granted that are free...the way it feels when sweating and a cool breeze comes,.. the way you get goosebumps from a light caress, the way certain foods taste so delicious, and how good it feels to have a mind blowing orgasm. Those are all proof of intelligent design. Thank You God! We love You!!✝️💋

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IF God exists, it's ridiculous to worship him in a church instead of in His creation. He didn't stop speaking when the Bible was written

If you believe that's all the "proof" one needs to **know:: of god's existance, then you're easily taken in.