Are you vegetarian?

Just wondering what kind of diet(s) you're following.

9% Yes 18% No, I'm a carnivore! 55% No, I'm an omnivore! 0% No, I'm vegan, actually. 18% Other
Setsunas avatar Life
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Yes I am, because it was a choice I made a very long time ago. Being an "omnivore" means an animal can thrive and survive just fine, when they choose to or can't succeed in finding other animals to eat.

My non-human animal companions are not "omnivores" though, and neither do most people choose to be, that I know.

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No, I eat a balanced diet, and that includes meat.

Human beings are naturally omnivores.

Thedudeyouhatetomeets avatar Thedudeyouhatetomeet No, I'm an omnivore! 0Reply

I gave up being a vegetarian about 2 years ago. I still prefer most vegetarian options.

Sukiesnows avatar Sukiesnow No, I'm a carnivore! 0Reply

Nope...If i like the way it taste, i'll eat it..

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