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lol why where those statues not removed when Obama was president. oh right sore looser snowflakes got angry so they acted out in childish ways by removing history

The South lost the civil war over 150 years ago, why do the statues need to come down now? Because the South lost? No, it's because the democrats lost, that's what it's really about, as the cartoon points out. It's sour grapes, plain and simple. They didn't give a shit about those statues when Obama was in the WH, now if the statues don't come down it's the end of the world? Nonsense.

And unlike the election, the public didn't get to vote on whether to take down the statues, the decision was made to placate violent political protesters, which is essentially giving in to the demands of domestic terrorists. Mob rule. That's not something any sane person would feel all smug and self righteous about, it's a troubling development.

If it had been put to a vote, and the public chose to take those statues down, that would have been a genuine victory, it could have been a genuine step forward for the South, a move toward greater unity. But this, the way they did it renders it worse than meaningless. There's no virtue on either side. Those who either liked the statues or didn't mind them didn't have the opportunity to let them go voluntarily, and those who got them taken down didn't do it through the strength of their argument or the righteousness of their cause, they did it through violence and intimidation.

So if the goal was to remove some statues, job well done. If the goal was to improve race relations in the South, I'm not convinced it will do that. If the goal was to get back at Trump supporters because you think they're all racists, you're boxing shadows, because that's not what the movement is about.

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