People who don't talk much are boring and don't make friends as easily.

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I think it's just the opposite. People who are always talking are the boring ones.....the quiet ones leave us in suspense.

I think that yes, making friends when you don't talk much isn't an easy thing to do. But I don't think such people are boring. Silence doesn't bore me.

I'm not the talkative type when meeting someone. But just wait until I'm relaxed around you.

Yeah I should have turned that more into a question. Bacisally just wanted feedback on it. But I agree , and also with people who run there mouths 24/7 seem simple minded and you almost know what there about to say before they say it.

Mutes make a lot of friends.

Some of them are even semi-interesting, with their silly eyeball -movements.

I know that well enough. Is really hard to make friends, actually, I have almost no friends for that. But I do not think such people are directly boring, they only need someone with whom they will really understand.

Yes that is usually true until they find someone who makes them comfortable.

Do yal think trauma as a child could cause a person to be more conservative ?

Id rather see what a silent person has to say rather than a blabbermouth, I think you have a very childish view. On the other side it's better to have just a few friends that you mean something to rather than lots of friends who wouldnt back you up in need.

I have a PHD in Psykiroghy..and ive studied this subject in many occasions.Ive placed two worms next to each other in a shot glass..they interactected nicely...then I placed a Big night crawler in the same glass and both worms squirmeded away from it...My basis was that they (the worms)..wernt comfortable. SOOOO....I placed the big night crawler an a hook and caught a big bass...THE End

I don't like people who say 'Don't talk too much" because they personally don't like talking. Snobs... I do agree that conversation should have balance of talking and listening though.

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