If you remove the tiny seeds from an Italian sausage and plant them, they will grow sausage trees, amirite?

With a little hard work and a bit of effort, even YUO could start a mini sausage orchard from just one Italian sausage!

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Sure, but you have to urinate on them every day at noon for a year. :)

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I'll plant it next to my money tree....

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They will not grow because they have been cook fennel seeds are what you see easy to buy in every store. Add them to your spagetti sauce it fools people into thinking you have added sausages even if you haven'r. yum

If you say so.....hehe smiliehehe smiliehehe smilie

You might have grown fennel if you had rescued the seeds prior to cooking. a smilie

I wouldn't know about tiny wink smilie

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Some sausages us caraway seeds instead of fennel seeds which , because everyone mentioned fennel on here, I thought I'd mention.

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