If you were in a horror movie, what would be the rules to survive? And would you escape or kill the killer in self-defense?

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To survive: Don't open that door!

I would escape.

Rules? Ghosts and demons don't play by the book. Not even by my favorite one: "100 Ways to Prepare a Duck".

I would prepare a duck and leave the studio through the back door.

''You're all gonna die yer stupid kids!!!'' Ada then speeds off in a car only to find the killer hiding on the backseats! Arrrgghhh!!!

Don't run upstairs! Most of the time there is no way out. It's also wise not to trip when runningšŸ˜Š

Dont investigate strange noises. Sell or abandon your house instead of calling a preacher to "cleanse it", NO TRIPPING ALLOWED. I would like to say i would escape but fear makes me freeze up, so hopefully whoever the murderer is in my horror movie is a person and just like gives up before they find my hiding spot.

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