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Who in their right mind would eat a limburger sandwich? lol The smell would knock out an elephant.

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I tried to eat Limburger once, but soon found out my nose has complete control of my mouth.

What on Earth are you on about, uncle? Limp Burger chain of restaurants is down with a chapter 11 bankruptcy. Your onions are getting soft again.

The last time I handled Limburger cheese was when I put some on a Jr High teacher's engine block one night back in the 60's.

Despite not having an idea what that sandwich is, I dont really like onions.

Which is better VicZinc: Limburger or Blue Cheese?

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@Sukiesnow Which is better VicZinc: Limburger or Blue Cheese?

Depends on the application.

Making onion sandwiches? Limburger all the way

Melting on steak or burgers, adding to salads, or spreading on pears? Blue cheese - every day.

Spreading on crackers? Either or both.

Impressing a first date? Go with Mimolette (cheese covered with live cheese mites) and save the blue cheese for the second date and the limburger for the honeymoon.

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