Please list the 1 reason you're not a Vegetarian.

Image for post **Please list the 1 reason you're not a Vegetarian.**
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@Skr3wBall Bacon.

I like Kevin as well, a damn fine actor.

I find eating animals more appropriate than keeping them as pets. Here, have a tiger sandwich, Kas.

I can't pass up a good steak.

Why? Because nothing beats a really good steak, or fresh seafood. Love 'em both.

I've grown up eating meat, it taste good, and as far as I know it's not holding me back in anyway.

Meat is delicious.Had lamb for lunch

1)..I choose not to be one..

@Sukiesnow I don't see why not.

Oh...A juicy steak, some succulent pork chops, a tasty grilled.. smoked.. cheese burger....i could go on..

I like all kinds of food..vegetables and meat..

Besides, sooner or later....vegetarians will start being called food racists...or maybe even Nazis..

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