This is a shout out for everyone to post. The Tampa, St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers areas and areas in between to Orlando, Florida desperately need bottled water!! There is virtually no bottled water to be found! Sakima

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My sister and her husband live in Fort Myers. She works at a hospital and is at a shelter there, while her husband is a detective and is in a shelter at some school. On the last map I saw her house is expected to get 3-6'. I wasn't nervous until Irma switched to the Gulf side of the state.

Thank you for posting.

You're welcome

Up until the water supply system is compromised, you have tap water. If you live through this storm, next time consider filling some containers before the storm hits.

Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers, which doesn't seem like much, I know, but being here in the Galveston area, I'm just to far away. Having been thru numerous hurricanes, I totally understand the situation, so I'm doing what I can.

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