We've learned SO much from 911.... We've learned how to love and hug people again. Amirite?

Image for post **We've learned SO much from 911....** //We've learned how to love and hug people again.// //Amirite?//
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I saw an older woman and younger woman hugging today...this is not much of what you might see prior to 911...

It's, like, it made us aware of how fragile life is...and how much we need to express our love to the people we love as our Time here can be short.

So, what's your take...that we've learned nothing from 911?

I think there is more hate and distrust in the world today than any point in my lifetime. It has gotten worse since 9/11. (I'm not talking about just the past 8 months)

I don't know if it's another conspiracy theory but there was supposedly an exposed file about the US releasing a strike on its own land under JFK so that they can blame it on Cuba and go to war with them, JFK refused.....makes you think.

Yeah, we learned how stupid most Americans are, bought the 2nd biggest load of bullshit ever told and fucked up the entire world. We learned how to create terrorists and turn the US into a third world country.
The funniest part is there are still people who think the laws of physics were suspended that day.

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Is that what's happening?

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