What is something you do that is quite sneaky?

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Give my dog a few of her own treats from the kitchen table .... she thinks she's getting people food. a smilie

Nothing. I'm completely transparent. Look, you can even see my liver blinking on and off. Now, where did I put my surveillance kit... I'm always misplacing it.

I'm not a sneaky person, I'm an open book.

@StarzAbove Nope, just a plain book, open to page 29!

Ewwwwwwwww... What are you doing with that beaver of yours? No wonder you've had children in your basement, that's plain out weird.

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Oh come on, purty please, tell us about your little deceit....lol

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Oh no, you naughty boy....shame, shame. lol

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I won't jump on a bandwagon simply because it's popular. My use of common sense confuses people.