What's something you wish you had never watched?

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Star Wars Holiday Special.

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The Exorcist.

@ThePrinceofWales I enjoyed that

Apparently there were subconscious messages in that movie....and really...I remember very little of it...except the part where her head turns around...

I don't really know what if anything...I wish I had never watched.

What I really wish I had never watched are mostly the commercials on all day.

It was a horror movie called A Serbian Film. Mostly it eludes to specific themes or actions without actually showing it but still so gross, I've been trying to unwatch it ever since.

Mission Impossible III

As idiot movies go, this one is as sub-mental as you might expect.
-Rex Reed

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A man getting his head sawed off with a chainsaw

Cat juggling.
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The News, any news...

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