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A lot of people get atrocious tattoos and later regret it. Tattoos aren't just something you decide on when you happen to be near a tattoo parlour, they're on you forever so you better think long and carefully about it.

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I always wonder...Where do those people work? Hot Topic? A carnival? The choices are severely limited.

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Would you define "young" in this context?

I don't know. But unless one has done something extreme, the piercings can always be taken out, so it probably doesn't matter.

However tattoos are an entirely different matter. I wonder if they have considered what the tattoo will look like when their skin begins to sag and wrinkle. A tattoo may be art, but what happens when the canvas isn't tightly stretched? Will this look as good on an 80 year old chest and bicep?

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And what of those statement tattoos? Will an 80 year old still want to express the beliefs he or she had at 20?

Well, maybe this one...

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Maybe some people will. But even tattoos aren't permanent

Well, I, for one would never hire someone with a Nazi swastika tattoo. It probably smarter to keep them under clothing. I've never been a fan of them.

Unfortionatly, they are more likly going to blame others for not wanting to hire them or date them.

Some will for sure. My guess is that tattoo removal for the over 60's will be a good industry to get into although by then maybe they won't be bothered?

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