Alcoholics are people who prefer booze over anything else.

There are out-of-control alcoholics and functional ones...but they ALL prefer alcohol over people. Many geniuses were drunks...artists...perhaps they loved their art equally as much as alcohol. No judgment. It is possible that when an alcoholic is off booze...that they STILL prefer alcohol over people.

Image for post **Alcoholics are people who prefer booze over anything else.**
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Sometimes I wonder if you've ever really lived.

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They must have been hurtful...some drunks can be really really mean... That's why I advocate Cannabis over Alch...did you try to get her onboard with it?

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Some people are just not open minded and flexible. Thank goodness I' am not one of those people...I would have missed out a lot in life.

I think it depends on the person.
Addiction is a powerful force.

And as they suck out of the bottle does too the bottle suck out of them.

I prefer this beer I'm drinking over anything else.

Then again, since it has been properly established, that I'm a Finnish prick, let's celebrate that fact. Here, have some frikkin' Sibelius in your world, that your ferrets love so much:

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