Men need purses or at least knapsacks. Especially these days with electronic devices...

Image for post **Men need purses or at least knapsacks.** //Especially these days with electronic devices...//
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I use a leather bag with a shoulder strap, better than stuffing my pockets with keys, phone and wallet

Not I...My car remote is the only electronic device I carry.

Men have used brief cases for years. With cell phones and tablets you don't even need that.

"need"? That's an awfully strong word.

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I think if men feel they need one...then by golly, they ought to go ahead and HAVE one!

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I wear cargo pants when i'm at work and carrying more stuff.

When i'm not at work, if i have too much stuff to carry at one time, it stays in my car.

Never had a purse and never will have one.

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