What is the most obvious non-physical trait you picked up from one of your parents?

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They way I express myself. I'm turning into my mother, and that's a good thing, she was a classy lady.

I shouldn't say this, but... I'm telepathic, even though I haven't trained the trait. My parents had the gene - yes, I believe it's a genetic disorder, if "disorder" is the correct term in this particular instance - and I seem to be able to push it, if I want to. I just usually don't.

@JanHaskell Please allow me to apologize in advance for any wayward thoughts.

It doesn't work like that. It needs a line of sight and focus.

I have absolutely no idea, in how many words you are about to tell me to fuck off. It just doesn't work like that. Straight line of sight, for me - at least - is needed. And I have no idea, where the field goes on. I have tried fifty metres and that's as long as I can go. I don't even know, if there is a limit, as such, but I'm a proper apprentice, when it comes to this stuff.

My love of music from the 40's ... I think I started getting steeped in those songs by my mom before I could talk!

Depression from my mom's side, an addictive personality from my dad's

Strong work ethics

A very bad temper from both of them. It's work to counteract that!

intelligence from both parents good genens and good examples. I miss them .

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