How do you deal with it when someone puts themself down?

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I'm a demigod. Don't let anyone else to say anything else.

I tell that person some inspirational story that's sure to annoy. That, or I'll just put myself further down. nme smilie

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Being self-critical is not always good way to improve oneself, as it aspires toward perfection. But being self-aware does.... perhaps you meant that.

And the thing is: people putting themselves down, generally make comments that are lacking the truth.

Someone says: I'm so stupid... So I ask...what do you mean by that...why are you so stupid? They might say: because I did such-and-such. So I say: why does just doing that one thing make you stupid...compared to ALL the good things you did today? Generally they have no answer....

While people might feel "I am dumb or stupid" deep down's up to the individual to support that or not... If you choose not to support will gradually wither away...replaced by better feelings...

i like ep, but one thing that annoyed me was all the suicidal thoughts expressed which I have seen a few of not as much as the last ep site but still annoying, I don't want them to be suicidal, they would have done it before typing it

I run away and hide in a closet.

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