A To-Do List For a Murder...

Can you do this as an exercise?

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Everything that would ensure noting is traced back to you, dont you people watch CSI?

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In reality I dont think things are as advanced and cool as CSI, AHA! We got a singe hair from you Bub, we linked you to the murder, doesnt happen in reality. If you're not seen by anyone or dont leave any digital traces connecting you to a person and you dont leave fingerprints you're pretty much clean.

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If only Lt Horatio Kane or Dr Brennan + Agent Booth were real. It's easy to solve a murder when you invent it, but otherwise you only speculate and hope you find evidence to back it up.

A person needs a motive. Then they need...an idea...then they need objects to make the idea happen...things like gloves...

Even then there's a slim chance of success...so you have to be prepared to be caught...and suffer the consequences.

Kill someone, that should do the trick. 乂^◡^乂

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