Who(m) do you feel sorry for in a divorce?

The kids? C'mon...wouldn't you rather they be subject to a GOOD relationship?

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Often, it's better to have come from a troubled home life than to live in one.

Everyone but the lawyers. Image in content

The kids, I have friends who's parents are divorced, their views on family are completely different, scarred by the divorce of their parents.

Whoever I think got the worst end of the deal. In some divorces, I am happy for both of them.

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Years ago a person was only as good as their word....

Probably the men, cause statistically they end up the most screwed in a divorce. Maybe the kids, but they get two times the Christmas presents, so not as much.

Warring people who stay together "for the kids" do great harm to the kids. I feel sorry for the whole family if they can't work out agreements that are healthy for everyone involved. Keep the damn lawyers out of it or there will be no money for college.

the one that getts all the assets and money of the other person that had achieved the most whilst married

The kids and the love lost

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You'd rather the kids grow up in a home full of hatred and dissension?

if they have kids the kids, gonna ruin your kids lives for some most likely petty selfish reasons.
otherwise it would depend on the circumstances, if either of the two are abusive to the other i won't feel bad for the abuser when their is a divorce

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