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Ratman, cheeseater of the universe

I have said this earlier... It's so weird being both a helicopter pilot and afraid of heights.

Probably "Scaryshitflyer" would do.

Don't call me Marko.

Call me Scaryshitflyer.

TooBig Coxswell?

Studge the unlovable.


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Batty boy! Batty boy! Feeling any better, dad?!

So what is "your worst phobia" that is part of your superhero name...

@ThePrinceofWales It's in the explanation

You either fear birds, men, or dentists.

@ThePrinceofWales Dentists

I thought that...ha. I was playing dumb.

How many root canals? On my birthday recently I had a dual root canal. And since it was done by a was at an extra fee...happy BD to me...

Last week I went for a "Consult" where he just opened my mouth for 5 seconds; I walked out after paying $85 bucks for that.

Dihydrogen Monoxide Man