What do you think about letting service dogs in restaurants?

I saw this video and it made me wonder a few things. I have always liked dogs and especially well trained and disciplined dogs, but I understand that not everyone agrees with me on that. What makes a person go so crazy about something that seems to me to be so insignificant? I try to be tolerant of people's quirks, but this lady and I could not stay in an enclosed area for very long and both maintain our health.

'It's Disgusting!' Livid Woman Screams About Veteran's Service Dog In Delaware RestaurantA video of a woman screaming about a veteran's service dog being inside a Delaware restaurant has caught the attention of the internet.http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2017/09/21/delaware-service-dog/
55% It's cool! 0% It's unsanitary and should not be allowed! 14% As long as it doesn't beg for food. 21% I don't care. 10% Other
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I think it's wonderful! What I don't want to encounter in a restaurant is that vile screeching creature in the video. shock smilie

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I'd prefer dogs to children...esp in nice restaurants.

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Or some asshole talking on his cell for an hour. :)

I'm perfectly fine with it, even when the dog's human doesn't have an obvious disability.
I found the woman's angry rant far "nastier" than most dogs ever are, and some of the comments on the link concerning it, equally so.

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Are these dogs able to service my car? If not, I don't care.

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I prefer they not come in....I'm not a dog lover, and I'm afraid of dogs.

Man, what a disgusting attitude that woman has. Truly pathetic.

Of course there's nothing wrong with service animals in restaurants, most of them are probably cleaner than her, and ALL of them are better behaved.

Service dogs are absolutely essential for some people, and this woman was being very selfish and insensitive.
In fact, I'd rather have people bring regular pets into restaurants rather than crying screaming babies and children.

As long as it behaves, then why not? As in this video, the dogs seems to behave better than all of the people. Little kids and teenagers have been more unsanitary than the service dogs I've personally been around.

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The only disgusting, nasty animal I saw was this screeching pos. I'm glad they kept the dog and she was the one to leave.

I like animals, and most dogs can be irresistible ...

For most, they bring smiles and happiness, and service dogs are, for most, a wonderful companion for a professional or a handicapped person.

I don't see any problem with letting service dogs into a restaurant.

But it is also sad for people having to deal with dog allergies or for some having been bitten by an improperly educated or mistreated dog. A good restaurant will certainly know a solution, and there are medical treatments, like for pollen and other allergies.

In most cases, though, the hystery of certain people is rather a fear of "lacking hygiene", microbes or bacteria, etc., further the smell (especially of a wet dog) or of a mischievous dog stealing one's steak, etc. ...

Image in content

smile smilie

Unfortunately, for the funny part, I'll have to add another "but": human food can also be very bad for dogs; so don't feed or tempt an adorable dog with or into stealing inadequate things, and respect also the service dog's work:


If it's been trained not to beg for food from anyone - master included - it wouldn't bother me.

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I don't think that many blind people go out to eat alone. All these people holding little mutts saying they are service dogs is nuts. Allow the blind person not anyone else. Around here pit bull service they say dogs are common. I don't want them near food they might kill a kid if it held a french fry.

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@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred I don't think that many blind people go out to eat alone. All these people holding little mutts saying they are...

There are legal requirements for the use of a service dog and there are certifications. It is up to the public business to ask for these documents though.


No problems here.

As long as it's not sitting on the table.

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Typically, dogs are not allowed in restaurants unless they are service animals, which are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Restaurants must allow individuals with disabilities to bring their service dogs onto the business premise in all areas customers are generally allowed or the public is invited (even if the restaurant has a “no pets” policy or animals are prohibited by state or local health codes). People in the video should learn https://www.supportdogcertifica...e-service-dogs.

However, to keep obliging restaurants happy with their decisions to include pets, here are some etiquette rules you and your pet should follow when dining out:
Keep your animal leashed at all times.
No barking
No begging
No jumping
No eating off the table
No sitting on chairs, tables or benches
Do not enter the inside of the restaurant.
Current vaccination tags should be on pet's collar
Bring your own food dish and water bowl. Health codes prohibit pets from eating and drinking from restaurant dishes and glasses.
Get your pet to sit under or as close to the table base as possible to reduce the chances of your waiter tripping over your pet.

The livid woman should get a life.

I think the restaurant handled things as well as possible. Offered a nice apology for the incident and sponsoring a service animal event to help ass-wipes like the livid woman understand the importance of service animals.

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