How much would you pay for a wedding dress?

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Nothing.It wouldn't look good on me!

@JustJimColo $0.00

If you ever renew your'll be forking out a lot more than that.

My dress was around $150 back in the 70's. I paid just under $500 for my stepdaughter's dress in the 90's. I won't be buying any more, but I'm sure I would keep it well below $1,000 today.

I would probably spend around $5000.00. for the dress. (And don't forget the veil, the shoes, jewelry, etc... which will probably add at least another $500.00.)

Glad I'm a man. I can just rent a tux and call it a day. biggrin smilie

Well, me and my eventual partner would be wearing tuxedos, but whether it be a wedding dress or a tuxedo, I'd buy a lower priced one... not the lowest price, you don't want it to look like you got the cheapest one in the store.

Why must wedding dresses only be worn at weddings? Wear that sucker to a restaurant and they'd probably give you free food!

250 or better yet just buy a cinderella costume

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