Is it just a coincidence that Apple announced it's new phone will unlock using facial recognition only weeks after news broke that AI can now tell if someone is a criminal, or gay, by analyzing their FACE?

[DailyMail] The AI that can 'detect sexual orientation' with 91% accuracy: Images from controversial study reveal how it uses 'facial landmarks' to tell if you're GAY. [and if you go way down to the last paragraphs of the story] Last year, a controversial paper was released, which investigated whether a computer could detect if a human could be a criminal, by analysing their facial features. The researchers write: 'All four classifiers perform consistently well and produce evidence for the validity of automated face-induced inference on criminality, despite the historical controversy surrounding the topic. Also, we find some discriminating structural features for predicting criminality, such as lip curvature, eye inner corner distance, and the so-called nose-mouth angle.'