Stink Bug. That's a rather judgemental name, right? I mean, no beetle would self-apply such a moniker. So.. What other animals have been given derogatory names?

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Those birds even bray!

The green shield bug (Palomena prasina)

Yeah we have a lot of those in Bulgaria, the stink can last up to months.

Dung beetle... I've heard about it...

Also: Dodo bird. Not a bad name, really but the name has gotten worse.

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What the heck is that it's holding?

The Booby birds. Seems pretty undignified to me, for lovely seabirds.

Loch Ness Monster

Inchworm...I don't understand why my ex-wife called me that.

Killer whale. 乂º◡º乂

Aha ha
(a species of Australian wasp)

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Oedipus complex (Gamboa worm salamander)
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Agra cadabra (ground beetle, family Carabidae)
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