Do you really think people want to listen to stories of your Glory Days?

My dad would go on and on about the War...when we were young we were stuck and listened but as we got older...not so my regret... But's my impression that mostly people want to hear about what's going on NOW...what's happening NOW...amirite? Generally it seems on here that what happened 5 years ago even is OLD news.

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Yes of course, tell me more. I know you're Sukie and in your day you had a beautiful bum. The bestest in Canada if fact. maniac smiliebiggrin smilie

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Where did that guy go that gave us that entertaining story about going to the bathroom, having a poop - which he explained in detail - and then that guy inserted his dick in that hole...

One of the problems on here is that when someone new comes start to like them...and then they disappear...


Glory-Hole days? You'll have a tough time beating Sukie she has the best glory hole in Canada! 乂^◡^乂


Once, in a galaxy, far far away, I used to be the only known human being to be a human being, since that's rare in a galaxy full of sophisticated bears and roots.

Well my exploits as a student are well worth recalling..

No, I don't figure many people would want to hear about my past courageousness. I didn't fight in a war thinking I was protecting my country, or pull anyone from a burning plane, car, or building, or anything.

I love it when people will talk about their past "glory" and travails though, when I know they want to. Usually, anyway.

I don't really have any stories like that.

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