Just think: if only we'd had ANY sign during the presidential campaign that Trump was a total jagoff, all of this could have been avoided!

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Exactly. He cheated lots of people out of their hard earned money. And laughed about it.

I wonder how many now Trump supporters would have voted for him, if he was a Democrat. They would be saying the very same things that we are saying now. But because he's Republican, they think he's great. And if Hillary had been a Republican, those making snide comments about her, would be singing her praises now. It's a shame people only vote along party lines, regardless of how crooked one is....and Trump is the most crooked president in our history.

Gotta love the sarcasm.

But then, smart people considered the horrid alternative!

I saw it coming that's why I voted AGAINST Trump. Anyone with common sense should have realized when the Billy Bush video came out what kind of a person Trump really was and voted against him. But some just laughed about it, said it was just guy talk, and now we are all paying the price for this incompetent, evil person who has no morals whatsoever, who has done nothing legislative since he's been in office. Our country has been in chaos since January, and now he's threatening war with Korea..... we need to impeach this bully and return our country to the decency we once had.

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